Services Offered

Chiropractic for Everybody means just that - Chiropractic care is provided to anybody and everybody. This is the only way I know to create a healthy community.

Specific Chiropractic Spinal Adjustments.  


We are happy to use a monthly membership fee for our practice members. This allows you and your family to receive the recommended care and pay one reasonable monthly fee. Please make sure to schedule your "BIG REVEAL" orientation on Mondays at 6:15 or Saturdays at 12:15. This is where we provide the specific details.

Community Outreach

Very often, businesses, schools and community organizations are looking for new and interesting topics to present to their members. Chiropractic is a great subject because it is often misunderstood by the general public. It is in our community's best interest to help others discover the benefits of Chiropractic. Please provide me with contact information and I will do the rest! Thank you for helping me serve more!