Meet the Doctor


Stephanie O'Brien D.C. 


"God is the architect, I am the technician, YOU are the healer!"

Dr. Stephanie helps people live a Vitalistic life in the Decatur/Scottdale area of De Kalb County.  "These are my people, I am here to serve". 

As a chiropractor with 20 years experience she is committed to promoting health and living a life drug free. Her mission is to help families live a vitalistic Chiropractic lifestyle. 

Dr. O'Brien has been a licensed Chiropractic since 1991



  • Life Chiropractic College 1990

Associations & Memberships

  • Georgia Council of Chiropractic


  • Chiropractic is a Philosophy, Science and Art. The philosophy is based on the fact that there is a Universal Intelligence in every living thing which allows all beings to be expressed and exist. The science is based on NORMAL anatomy and physiology (function). When you study the human body in a natural thriving state, it is obvious that disease is not a normal expression of life. The art of Chiropractic is personal to each doctor because it is as unique as the doctor is! The technique I utilize is a combination of many techniques which are effective in correcting Vertebral Subluxations. Your body will direct me as to what type of specific scientific Chiropractic Adjustment will bring about the best results for your health. It is truly a privilege to provide Chiropractic care to you, your family, and friends. I promise to honor your life. 
  • Primarily Thompson, BGI, Activator, SOT

             There are no therapies or modalities used in this office.  Machines do not heal, Life heals!

             I will be happy to answer any specific questions you have at your initial consultation.