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How to quit smoking or change anything YOU want to change about yourself.

Posted: December 28, 2018
By: Dr. Stephanie O'Brien

This post is about how to quit smoking, but it really applies to anything you want to change. It is easier if you change things from a self identity place first. Then it can manifest in your life more easily. (Hint: This does not work to change someone else!)


How to quit smoking easily and effortlessly. (Or gently change anything you think or believe that YOU want to change)


Do not attempt until YOU are ready to quit. I does not matter what others want you to do.


If you are looking for specific steps by step instructions this is not it. If you are analytical this may not be the best approach for you.


If you can FEEL, if you can transition or evolve - go with the flow, you will enjoy the power this process will give you.


What will change is how you identify with yourself over time. If part of your identity is that you are a smoker, that part of your self-perception must shift first.


Be easy about it and allow this change to occur do not force it.  Love yourself right now for who you are!


When ever you think about it - once a month, once a week, once a day, or while smoking a cigarette at your favorite time think or say to yourself something positive about your smoking habit. “Wow, I did not smoke as many cigarettes as usual yesterday.”  “Wow, this cigarette does not taste as good as usual.”

“Every day I am smoking less and less!”


It does not matter if it is “true” you are creating a new truth for yourself. Speak or feel these words with excitement. Be amazed, be happy about it!


Never condemn yourself or feel guilt - always praise your progress especially the baby steps.


In time - what ever time it takes, what ever time will serve you best you will eventually find no use for them because your identity of your self will change.


This process works for things you want to improve as well. You are “Youthful”,  “Creative” , “A Good and Patient Parent”, “An appreciative and loving spouse“ etc.


The resistance you will feel is the contrast or conflict between your mind (ego) trying to keep the facts straight and your subconscious mine willing to experience something new and different. You are not under oath, you are day dreaming.  Day dreams become reality all the time.

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