The Daily Vertebrae


Posted: June 25, 2018
By: Dr. Stephanie O'Brien


So, a few weeks ago I went to a party. I heard a song I liked; the music was lively and fun. I did not understand any of the words so I asked someone the name of the song, thinking I would look up the lyrics later. That never happened. This past weekend, at another party, the song played again, this time with the lyrics on the screen. The song was actually sad. The title of the song is S.O.B. by Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats. I was particularly interested because when I was way too young to appreciate “curse words” one of my neighborhood friends told me what my initials meant! (I do not consider my initials to be S.O.B.; I actually consider them to be S.M.O.)

The song is good, but truly a cry for help. If you know someone struggling and in need of help. Please help them. If they are self medicating, they are messing with their brain chemistry and incapable of making good decisions. Maybe they disguise their cry with lively music!

How can Chiropractic help? How can it not? If it involves a nerve, it is a Chiropractic case. The nerve system is damaged chemically, the body is damaged physically and the spirit is damaged emotionally. They will most likely not have back pain, but they are also incapable of making a good decision. Please help. In my next post, I will tell a sad story of two people in my life that I did not help when they needed it. I did not have the skills at the time and I did not know about Chiropractic. I call them “The Two that got away”.


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