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Wishing you an ADIO Thanksgiving!

Posted: November 23, 2015
By: Dr Stephanie O'Brien

ADIO , if you are not aware, is an acronym which means, “Above, Down; Inside, Out”. Life flows from above (from the brain or God/The Universe); down the spinal cord, and then from the spinal nerves, out to every cell in your body. This is why you do not find me trying to “sell” you anything “Outside - In” in this office. For anything outside in to affect your expression of Life, your “Power” must first be at optimal expression from the Inside-Out! This Thanksgiving, you will be animating the delicious food you eat; the food does not animate you. Happy Thanksgiving!

Grateful for the power


It's Thanksgiving time, and in staying with custom, we'd like to share with you a few things we are truly grateful for this year.  Here's a short list...

We're thankful for Subluxatation free spines, mobile joints and healthy sagital curves.  Supple muscles with elastic flexibility.  Unimpeded nerve systems, through which the gift of innate intelligence flows, coordinating all the functions that sustain Life.  An abundance of eager referrals, standing room only orientations and miracle testimonials.  We're especially grateful for our Principle, and the many lives that have been saved by its faithful application.

But most of all we're thankful for all our patients, staff and ChiropracTIC fanatics worldwide who, through their trust and unrelenting desire to advance Life, have come to appreciate these things as well.   Our practice is nothing without you - our Chiropractic family.  Have a blessed Thanksgiving, above down, inside and out.


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