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Being on the same team as your problem or pain

Posted: June 17, 2013
By: Dr Stephanie O'Brien

Many years ago…a family came to see me for Chiropractic care. The oldest son had lost a leg after climbing a phone pole. His leg received high volts of electricity and when I met him, he had already been fitted for a prosthesis and was back playing high school basketball. The family wanted regular Chiropractic care because they understood it was important to their health.

One day, the son brought in an x-ray of his leg which had been removed. I suggested he get it framed, hang in on his wall and be thankful for that leg and the experience every day because his leg sacrificed itself so he could continue on with his life.

This wisdom, which I believe I did not “author” but became aware of, has been the foundation for most of the advice I share in practice. I realized that same advice applies to everything and every challenge in life. Here is how it has evolved over the years.

  • Treat your body like a two year old – If your 2 year old wants to play and you want to fold the laundry, the laundry really does not get folded until the 2 year old plays!  (The squeaky wheel gets the oil.)
  • Always use positive reinforcement – thank your body part for working so hard for you “you are the greatest right knee I will ever have”.
  • If you rub a body part and try to get rid of the pain, you only create more resistance and it will slow the healing process, instead, thank it for working hard for you. It has probably been overworked, neglected or abused for some time now; listen to what it is saying.
  • Be on the same team with your problem. Your life andor symptom is simply reacting to the situation. If you are on the same team with your problem you will realize the solution easier because the solution is within you.
  • No one has ever come to my office after being given this advice and said; “I loved my body and it did not work.” We live in a society which expects quick results and expects problems to be resolved in 30 minutes or less (like a cit-com). Healing takes time but when you can release the resistance to your Innate wisdom, (through a Chiropractic adjustment and loving thoughts) things seem to go a little easier.
  • Our health outlook has been marketed to us and has formed our (less than optimal) health culture. This is where many of our beliefs and habits come from. Look at them and decide if they are true or not.
  • When I have an injury or challenge, I have to follow the same advice. I ask myself “what would I tell a practice member?” and my answer is the same. Make sure my power is on. Rub it and thank it, (do not rub to get rid of problem). Ask my body or my life, “What do I need?” Distract myself through breathing or meditation and be thankful for this healing experience.

What type of journey you want from now until you leave this world depends very much on what is happening between your ears. You are your nerve system. When your nerve system is clear, you can have a better ride through this journey called life.


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