The Daily Vertebrae

Week Two - Subluxation Outreach Campaign

Posted: January 14, 2013
By: Dr Stephanie O'Brien

Chiropractic embraces being part of the solution. Chiropractic for Everybody along with Chiropractic offices from around the world,is engaged in a year long public service campaign to help inform the public about the dangers of vertebral subluxation and how it decreases their health. You will receive weekly information about vertebral subluxation we ask that you share with others. This is not designed to bring people to my office specifically so you may send them to anyone, anywhere in the world! Many people are looking for this information but do not know how brilliant their body is and how it is capable of healing from the inside out when the nerve system is working properly. Thank you for helping us create a healthier community and world.

Here is a link to a great youtube video about children's immune system

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